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The automotive industry as a very strong economic branch is one with probably the greatest variety of applications for the technologies resistance welding and iron soldering. With its competence and long history, Resistronic has innovated with the ever increasing demands on the quality of the automotive industry and today offers the innovative advantage of modular solutions in resistance welding technology. The developments were in full swing. The ALL NEW product family, with its modular design for your needs and applications, will in future offer new solutions for products from the high-tech automotive world. The intelligence of the most modern, multifunctional welding control in multi-processor architecture, network connection via Ethernet TCP / IP, digital I / O, Profibus / PLC, InverterLink, remote maintenance, including process monitoring and logging guarantee the highest level of process analysis for optimal connections of electronic components and cables, in Use in the engine and interior technology, as well as in all important safety lighting of the automobile and all this ultimately for maximum safety in road traffic for drivers, passengers and other road users.

(Deutsch) Batterien-Solar-Elektronik

Quality problems are very often to be found in the connection of complex components in electronic products. For more than 50 years, Resistronic AG has made a significant contribution to numerous applications to accompany them in production and ready for production. As a leading supplier, Resistronic has the competence in the technology areas of resistance welding and iron soldering, these are used when connecting solar cells, lithium ion batteries, button cells, LED and halogen lighting components, incandescent lamps, switch assemblies and battery pack kits, reflow soldering connections on circuit boards and much more. used. We are constantly working with renowned institutes for microconnection technology. In this way, our business partners benefit from the most technological solutions specially tailored to their requirements.

(Deutsch) Medizintechnik

In medical technology, the demands on the highest quality of products and components are very high, they are used to support or analyze the human body or as implants. In addition to material requirements, factors such as steadfastness and biocompatibility are becoming increasingly important for medical safety and reliable functionality. The properties of a welded connection between implants, pacemakers, in the dental field of brackets or, for example, with a stent are very important for therapeutic and economic success. The smallest components place high demands on process analysis in development and production. The focus here is on the treatment of patients, so our primary goal is close cooperation with the customer, since the products must meet the highest quality and manufacturing requirements. The overarching goal is the joint further development of products through the daily processes in medical technology in order to further advance progress and innovation.

(Deutsch) Luft- und Raumfahrt

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(Deutsch) Kabelkonfektion

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(Deutsch) Wehrtechnik

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